Tankoa by Exclusiva: Italian excellence

Bolide, from the Latin bolis, is the name given to the falling stars that appear in the sky with a blazing trail, wide and persistent. More commonly, ‘bolide’ is the word used in Italian to define vehicles that stand out by virtue of their speed and power, both in terms of performance and style.

Now, Bolide is also the yacht project arising from a partnership between Tankoa and Exclusiva, two companies specialised in the creation of projects tailor-made especially for their clients.

This concept of luxury yachting focuses on uniqueness, all-round excellence and customization. It is a project-based approach of positivity and great innovation, which turns the tables on traditional yacht design, working on fluidity and dynamism, artistic sensitivity and Futurist evocations, as well as charting new territory with regard to the scope for client interaction. The futuristic Bolide yacht was created just as much from the fusion of extraordinary abilities and skills as from an almost psychological matching process: a ‘family feeling’ that goes well beyond technique and for the first time, putting together two unique realties to unite Italian beauty and expertise: the Tankoa Yachts shipyard and the Exclusiva Design studio.

Bolide is the result of a marriage which is in turn an expression of Tankoa’s greatest evolution: a mix of skills and solidity, but also of innovation – one mindful of its roots, bringing together Italian art and craftsmanship to trace a line between past and future, and to give meaning to the history of both companies.

A project arising from a year of research carried out by these two complementary firms. Tankoa, a shipyard which is structurally young but with a high degree of know-how to its name, and Exclusiva, a design company that has always managed to reflect the exact requests of its clients thanks to an approach revolving around the needs and wishes of the commissioner. A personal and not only technical encounter, designed to provide a carefully crafted interpretation of the client’s dreams in order to turn them into reality.

Nautical design thus becomes the ultimate expression of a tailor-made philosophy.

Two names behind a single design
to create the guiding star of sea yachts

Fabio Mazzeo

Chairman and Design Director of Exclusiva Design

Guido Orsi

President of Tankoa Yachts

Bolide concept

Bolide arose from the joint desire shared by Tankoa and Exclusiva to take up a challenge: to break the mould of yacht design and trace hitherto unexplored routes. Like on a journey in which one departs for an ever-changing destination. Dynamism is in fact one of the key concepts behind this knowingly ambitious project: while innovation remains a never-ending quest, careful study and painstaking research led to the creation of a concept in which feasibility is paramount, thanks to a series of pool trials guaranteeing the excellent technical performance of the craft.

Thanks to an interdisciplinary approach to yachting, the result of the joint strengths of the team and the know-how of Tankoa and Exclusiva, Bolide features a series of substantial innovations that visually translate into an expression of fluidity and dynamism through its shapes.

From the concept to the aesthetic details, the team of designers that worked on the project let themselves be inspired by the artistic movement that represents the cutting edge of 20th-century Italian art: Futurism. A movement whose goal was to represent the dawn of a new era.

The lines used for Bolide define a dynamic, fluid attitude, mindful of the key concepts of Futurism, meant as a desire to underline a status quo, to look elsewhere and to do so rapidly, with strength, courage and positivity.
An attitude that, in a single concept, sums up the characterizing values of both Tankoa and Exclusiva.


Welcome on board

Welcome on board
All the imagination, inspiration and solidity of Italian creativity
Bolide: beyond the classic limits of yachting
A bow created with sinuous lines
Tankoa by Exclusiva is like an artist’s proof, an almost muscular challenge, an all-round service capable of sending a very clear message: we create excellence by building your boat around you.
Large windows offer a fluid continuum between interior and exterior spaces
Large windows offer a fluid continuum between interior and exterior spaces
A new way to conceive hospitality
Transformable spaces,<br />
roomy and suited to the needs of all your guests
A new notion of comfort
A refined penthouse on two decks
A fly deck and a sun deck made available to the owner
A fly deck and a sun deck made available to the owner

Welcome on board

“In Tankoa, we found a very collaborative partner, very much in line with our own vision, something that immediately gave us a sense of trust and freedom right from the initial creation phase.
This is an element of priceless value, most of all when you are setting out on an ambitious project in which you know where you’re starting from but you don’t know where it will take you. It was the strength of the team that won, of the interdisciplinary group that we created, made up of technicians, but also of artists, visionaries, project managers and graphic designers.”

Fabio Mazzeo
Chairman and Design Director of Exclusiva Design

The main living room<br />
hosting home cinema facilities
Tailor-made elegance and refinedness
The Italian spirit, speed and bolidismo as a source<br />
of inspiration for the interiors
A high-tech wine cellar
Luxury as a synonym of freedom
A partnership arising from the encounter of two sartorial worlds
A dining room with a view
A kitchen designed for show-cooking
The realm of privacy
A flowing sensation that continues as far as the sea
The gaze always meets the sea

The main living room
hosting home cinema facilities

Technical sheet

Hull Type Displacement
Classification Lloyds + RINA + MCA
Hull Material High Tensile Steel
Superstructures Aluminium Alloy
Project Engineer Ruggiero S.r.l. (Genoa)
Exterior Design Fabio Mazzeo – Exclusiva Design
Interior Design Fabio Mazzeo – Exclusiva Design
Accommodations 1 Owner’s Suite + 5 VIP Suites
Overall Lenght 72 mt (232,9 ft)
Overall Beam 12,00 mt (38,05 ft)
Draft 3,38 mt (11,08 ft)
Full Displacement ~ 1,300 ton
Gross Tonnage ~ 1,800 GT
Maximum Speed at Half Load 18 knots
Range at 12,5 knots > 6.000 n.m.
Fuel ~ 160 m³
Fresh Water ~ 37 m³ (Watermakers 2 x 20.000 lt/day – Idromar MC20)
Main Engines Cat 3516 B DITA-SCAC HD
Maximum Power 2 x 2.000 kW [2 x 2.720 HP] at 1.600 rpm
Propulsion Twin Fixed Pitch Propellers
Generators 2 x 230 kW + 1 x 155 kW + Emerg. Generator
Bow thruster VT Naiad, Electric Drive, 210 kW
Stabilizing System VT Naiad, 4 Fins, at anchor
The design criterion is to house the following tenders and jet-skis.
Main Tender 7,2 m
Secondary Tender 7,2 m
Crew Tender 4,2 m + SOLAS Tender

Tenders and sport equipment to be supplied by the Owner.


Reserved area